Why Offices in Fairfield NJ Make Sense for Startups

The startup lifestyle is trending upward more each year, especially among millennials and working from home is becoming less enticing. New Jersey is (arguably) one of the best states to start a business in, aside from taxes and fees. Much like its close neighbor, New York, New Jersey is a densely populated state with an average household income of over $71,000. The national average household income is just under $59,000.  New Jersey looks pretty good by comparison (again, minus the taxes and fees paid to live in the garden state).

New Jersey offers a lot of opportunity to the grinding entrepreneur trying to make his/her dream come true. One town in particular that is becoming increasingly enticing is Fairfield, New Jersey. Offices in Fairfield are a prime spot for that hungry and growing company. With rent rates at a very competitive level and multiple transportation options surrounding it, Fairfield is arguably one of the top 10 towns to own a company in when it comes to New Jersey.

Running and owning a startup is all a game of time. Your time is your most valuable asset.  However, you eat away at your time by commuting, being disconnected from wifi, and taking public transportation. By having an office in Fairfield, New Jersey, companies like 9Sail, have been able to reduce travel time to meetings by being central to major highways. “We have Rt. 46, Rt. 80, and Rt. 280 all within 5 minutes of our office in Fairfield” Joe Giovannoli, President of 9Sail said when asked what he loved about his office in Fairfield, NJ. “We are literally on rt. 46 which is the corridor that will lead us anywhere we want to go! I can be in NYC it 20-25 minutes if I wanted to drive in.  And I could get to Philadelphia in well under 2 hours. Why make it difficult for great talent to get to work everyday when they can get to work easily and spend more time being productive?” 9Sail is a Search Engine Optimization company that is rapidly growing and looking to continue to build its roots in Fairfield, New Jersey.

Another important thing to consider is that property taxes in Fairfield, NJ and Little Falls, NJ (a neighboring town) are very low in comparison to some of their other neighbors like Caldwell, Livingston, and Parsippany to name a few. This is ideal for the startup looking to attract young talent. There are plenty of food and shopping options in and around Fairfield as well. On the border of Fairfield and Wayne is the Willowbrook Mall.  The mall houses dozens of eateries, clothing stores, and much more.

Fairfield, New Jersey is on the rise.  The town is doing a lot to give itself a facelift, especially parts that border major highways. Companies looking to grow their roots in a business friendly town should consider Fairfield, NJ as one of their top prospects.

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