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CREA {Commercial Real Estate Alliance} United

An organic approach to networking

Imagine your perfect customer. Now think about the service/product you provide them. How many other potential disciplines are involved in the overall transaction? In commercial real estate, from broker to lender to attorney, there are several complimentary services involved in a single venture. Imagine an organization where successful firms and individuals represent all disciplines of the commercial real estate industry. Rather than trying to find leads to meet a quota, you share highly relevant information in a team of people with the same incentive for generating that business. A natural collaborative approach…

Welcome to CREA United.

What is CREA United?
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Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned advisor with years of experience, I’ve designed this course for you. We believe now more than ever — as we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis — it’s time for CREA United to pay it forward and share the secrets of our success.

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Title Officer
Main Street Title and Settlement Services, LLC is a full service title insurance and settlement company serving commercial real estate professionals since 1988.  With a full time staff of 40 experienced commercial professionals including 5 attorneys, Main Street Title has the proven expertise to close your commercial transaction on time, every time.  Every Main Street Title Officer and Attorney is experienced in all aspects of commercial title and closing procedures including commercial document preparation and filings, tax matters, corporate formations and all phases of commercial real estate transactions.

Member Firms

CREA Members represent 62 firms covering all aspects of the commercial real estate industry.