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An organic approach to networking

Imagine your perfect customer. Now think about the service/product you provide them. How many other potential disciplines are involved in the overall transaction? In commercial real estate, from broker to lender to attorney, there are several complimentary services involved in a single venture. Imagine an organization where successful firms and individuals represent all disciplines of the commercial real estate industry. Rather than trying to find leads to meet a quota, sharing highly relevant information in a team of people with the same incentive for generating that business. A natural collaborative approach…

Welcome to CREA United.

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H.M. Hughes was founded in 1937. Throughout our history, we have handled a breadth of construction projects ranging from small building alterations to technologically sophisticated projects involving computer networking, advanced communications, health care systems and environmental hazard management. We specialize in solving complex construction problems in complicated environments.
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Industrial Division

Structured for Success –

The Industrial group of CREA United is a collaboration of industry professionals who all service the same cliental in different complementary capacities. Members meet to discuss industrial trends, new rules and regulations, and how to best serve future and current clients. In addition to knowledge sharing, CREA offers a network of highly talented, reputable and reliable professionals that can provide virtually any service in the industrial real estate landscape. Organically creating a self-sustaining format where members and clients are aligned for success

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Success Through Collaboration

CREA’s group of experts examine real estate transactions using a unique team approach. The goal is to provide collaborative expert advice whether the transaction is a purchase, sale, lease, development, refinance or construction. All of the active professional disciplines involved are represented in the Alliance and the insights and experiences shared by the members are invaluable in ensuring success of a commercial real estate venture.

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