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Scott Kuperman

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Tier-One, Single Source Provider for Industrial Information (Cyber) Security, Data Technologies Development, Compliance Governance, Communications Systems, and Networked Computing Support. Rely upon our expertise as your ace in hand to help engineer, roll out, and maintain successful industrial Information Technology deployments within and between facilities. TeamLogic IT is your go-to partner for all things I.T.
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With over a quarter of a century of direct experience, I have a deep acumen to drive and manage the Information Technology side of Industrial Build-Out Projects from start to post-finish support.  Trust me to enable you and your teams to integrate the best technologies, the correct processes, the safest and most effective security measures, and to implement the most cost efficient strategies to help any and every business continuously operate at peak efficiency.  From white boarding planning sessions to the engineering of a complete systems architecture... From developing plans and blue prints to answering questions at the executive board room table... From overcoming obstacles and navigating tight timelines and budgets... From white labeling services to guaranteeing best-in-class labor and support, I can be your most effective team member to bring your IT Projects to life.