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eHCP is a leading provider of training, auditing and compliance products and services. eHCP facilitates a streamlined approach to achieving regulatory compliance for healthcare organizations of all sizes. With an emphasis on physician practices, eHCP professionals take a practical approach to regulatory compliance by incorporating web-based tools with real world hands on experience.
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Mitch has been a trusted senior advisor and public speaker to the healthcare industry for over two decades. He has consulted organizations of all sizes on issues relating to payment care, revenue models, compliance,and optimization of practice software. He is proficient in over a dozen EMR/PM systems. In previous roles Mitch has worked with thousands of providers, helping them attest for multiple programs including MU/PQRS and has helped providers not only avoid penalties, but to achieve bonuses through a higher quality of care.  Mitchell specializes in compliance and company networking by understanding the true needs of the healthcare system and providers. Mitch hold a B.A in theater from Ithaca College and is an avid tennis player and martial artist.