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Ken Lesnik

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Since 1993, we’ve helped our clients achieve cost savings in energy procurement, telecom and credit card services at no cost to them and with no up-front contractual commitments.  Our turnkey process enables businesses of all sizes to reduce costs and simplify management of these services while achieving greater efficiencies.  Simply put, Expense Reduction Specialists is your one-stop shop to help you increase your bottom line by decreasing your costs.

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As the President of Expense Reduction Specialists, Ken works directly with both our partners and clients and oversees all aspects of the company’s business.  In a career that has spanned 35 years, Ken has worked with and for some of the largest global brands including MTV, Comcast, Ticketmaster, Madison Square Garden and The New York Yankees.  Ken holds a BA in Political Science from Union College and an MBA from The Stern School of Business at NYU.