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Del McLennon

Safari Solutions, Inc.
Director of Business Development
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Safari Solutions has a 20-year history of helping organizations of all shapes and sizes. We deliver a full analysis and consultation, solutions, implementation, and support, through our proven process using a solution agnostic approach. Safari has a team of experts who have a wealth of experience in all areas of technology solutions and services. Advancing technology at such rapid rates, our team guides organizations through the maze of solutions to determine the right solution for your organization from the hundreds of options out there.
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Del McLennon has been advising clients on technology solutions for three decades. He began his career during the AT&T divestiture and supported customers during a time of great marketplace uncertainty specific to technology offerings. Over time, Del has developed a keen awareness of how to navigate the technology landscape, and now supports deeper client conversations regarding the entire enterprise marketplace. Del lends his expertise by serving as a member of the Technology Committee for two local organization in Bergen County.