Medical & Healthcare Realty Services Division

Where do we meet: NAI James E. Hanson Corporate Headquarters - 195 North Street, Teterboro NJ

When do we meet: The first Wednesday of each month at 8 am

Collective Care –

Healthcare is a niche market of real estate with more detailed technological and specific regulatory requirements. CREA United’s Healthcare group is comprised of top-level leaders extremely knowledgeable of the market. Even service like cleaning, heating, and cooling are done differently in health care, with demanding sterilization and filtration needs. The value of each member sharing their expertise is far greater than what any individual can provide.

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Group Leaders:

Darren M. Lizzack, MSRE

NAI James E. Hanson
Associate VP

Randy Horning

NAI James E. Hanson
Senior Associate

Group Members:

Leonard D. Savino, PE

Langan Engineering & Environmental Services

Mark Manigan

Brach Eichler LLC
Member, Health Law Practice Group Member, Brach Eichler Executive Committee

William Schmid

Provident Bank
Vice President

Michael DeSomma

Teknalysis Corporation
President & CEO

Peter S. Curtis

AFD Contract Furniture
Vice President of Sales

Brian Bermudez

Medical Dental Build LLC.