12 Must-Dos to Grow Your Success as a CRE Broker
  1. Create a business plan and strategy
  2. Commit to running your business like a business
  3. Implement processes to manage your time effectively and project manage your business
  4. Implement diverse strategies to grow your client pipeline
  5. Develop — and revisit — strategies to qualify your prospects
  6. Cultivate a positive reputation as an industry thought leader
  7. Learn the difference between cold and warm calling and how/ when to use each effectively
  8. Polish your negotiation skills
  9. Dedicate time each week to increasing your knowledge about your industry
  10. Increase your financial knowledge and understanding.
  11. Communicate with your clients and network to actively identify their needs — and provide resources.
  12. Don’t underestimate the value of seeking a mentor — even the world’s best athletes work with a coach.