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If you were to review your financial situation, are you confident that you and your loved ones are protected in the most efficient way possible? If there is any doubt in your mind that something could have been overlooked in your planning, there is a good chance that it was. The key to building a strong financial strategy is for you to see your current situation from a macro-economic perspective to ensure all areas of your life will be appropriately protected. I am committed to working with individuals, families, and business owners in doing just that: taking a holistic approach to any situation and targeting each piece of the financial puzzle to create an outcome of transparency, confidence, and optimization for the future. I understand that when building a financial strategy, it is important to consider your goals, objectives, and concerns that can evolve as you go through life changes. Taking that holistic approach to your finances that combines objective asset management with protection solutions will allow you to feel confident that I will develop a unique financial strategy personalized specifically for you. In working with a team of Financial Professionals and Specialists as well as having access to a broad portfolio of products and services, I offer innovative financial recommendations. Using The Living Balance Sheet® (LBS), I will focus in on the four domains of your financial life: Protection, Assets, Liabilities, and Cash Flow. This will help to properly guide you down a path of high efficiency and low risk management for your future.
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Erin Hoffman is a Financial Planner at Certified Financial Services, LLC (CFS), a wealth management firm headquartered in Paramus, NJ, providing individuals, families, and businesses with financial protection and wealth accumulation strategies. She lives in Morris County, NJ and enjoys spending time with her chocolate lab, Mocha, and working out. As a financial professional, Erin is eager to take part in the growth and development of her clients’ financial futures. She advocates for the success of their futures by providing them with financial knowledge, innovative strategies, and a unique perspective of how they can reach their financial goals. She specializes in working with women business owners, and Physical Therapists, as well as other Healthcare Professionals. She understands that as a Healthcare professional, you specialize in the movement of the body. And once she started working with her aunt and best friend, who were PTs navigating their own struggles and successes, she started partnering with countless others who wanted to focus on the movement in their financial world. She has been successful in assisting with sticking points in their finances, leading them to a place of greater range of motion in their financial world. She also hosts monthly educational classes for Healthcare Professionals on various topics- from financial, to legal, to even marketing. Utilizing an innovative financial tool, The Living Balance Sheet®, Erin focuses her clients’ attention on the four domains of their financial lives: Protection, Assets, Liabilities, and Cash Flow. She guides them through a process which allows them to understand their current situations and ways in which they can build and preserve their wealth along with meet any other goals they may have. Whether those goals include preparing for a milestone event such as college, a wedding, or retirement, or if they are simply just seeking out a better way to protect the future of a family or business, Erin strives to provide each one of her clients a new level of attention, insight, and capabilities.